The Zora Shield is a unique shield that offers more protection than, but weighs as much as, a Stalhrim Shield.

The shield is Light Armor by default and can be altered to Heavy Armor at an Alteration Table.

When shield bashing enemies, it will cause bleeding damage.

Location Edit

The Zora Shield can be found in Anguish and Misery of the Ruptured Towers. The one in Anguish is found on a Chilfos wearing a Zora Mask and wielding a Zora Sword. The one in Misery may manifest as an Enthralled Weapon.

A Zora Shield may be randomly found in the Dark Chest of Wonders.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Zora Shield was added with Zora Weapons in version 6.0.

Its design is not canon and was inspired by the claws of crustaceans such as lobsters and crabs. Its design also reflects the sharp, bladed nature of the Zora Weapons, and implies an offense-as-defense approach to battle for the Zoras of Relics of Hyrule lore.

The Zora Shield is composed of two Ebony Battleaxe heads merged together, with a custom half-sphere boss at the center.

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