The Zora Mask is a unique protective mask that offers the same protection as a Hide Shield.

The mask can be tempered with a Steel Ingot and Slaughterfish Scales for the heavy variant, and a Quicksilver Ingot and Slaughterfish Scales for the light variant. As with the other masks, it can be worn with circlets, helmets, and hoods, providing a boost to the player's armor rating.

The mask can be altered at an Alteration Table, but regardless of which armor type, it will still keep the same weight and armor rating.

As with the Zora armor set, wearing it allows the user to breathe underwater without drowning.

Locations Edit

The heavy variant of the Zora Mask can be found in Kolbjorn Barrow on Solstheim, but requires the player to progress through the associated quest in order to obtain the mask.

It can also be found inside Anguish of the Ruptured Towers, often being worn by Chilfos. It will also appear in a Heavy Chest containing Zora Scout Armor, Zora Scout Helmet, Zora Scout Gauntlets, Zora Scout Boots, Torrent, and a Gem of the Ocean.

It may appear randomly in the Dark Chest of Wonders in Morwitijaal, and can be worn by Hylian Ghosts.

Lore Edit

The Zora Mask was made and worn by Zora soldiers in battle. Originally, the mask was worn to honor Queen Rutela with reverence. After her death during the first days of the Last Great War of Hyrule, the mask was worn by soldiers to pay respect to her memory. Some Hylian Soldiers wore Zora Masks to honor Queen Rutela, while some wore them to honor fallen Zora soldiers.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Zora Mask was added in Relics of Hyrule version 5.9. In this version, it was unobtainable outside the Ruptured Towers, but was made more common in later updates.

The mask uses the female mask model from Tribunal Robes and Masks by Zairaam and Natterforme. It was retextured to look like the Zoras seen in Twilight Princess, but resembles Queen Rutela's face as the mask's description implies.

The mask is a reimagined version of the mask of the same name from Majora's Mask, reworked to fit the Elder Scrolls milieu, the story of Relics of Hyrule, and the limitations of Skyrim.

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