The White Ring is a piece of enchanted jewelry. A guaranteed White Ring is found in Morwitijaal Sanctuary. A White Ring can also be crafted at an Ancient Enchanter using Potent Light Essence or by combining an Enchanted Ring with an empty Black Soul Gem.

The White Ring is identical in appearance to a silver ring.

When worn, the White Ring will enable the player to fire sword beams with certain weapons, provided they are at full health.

White Rings can be converted into Enchanted Rings at an Ancient Enchanter or Terminan Forge, provided the player knows certain Songs. White Rings can also be converted into Ivory Rings at Alteration Tables.

The enchantment contained in the White Ring can be learned and applied to other apparel. If multiple items that bear the White Ring enchantment are worn, the spells fired by valid weapons will be stronger.

Effects Edit

Weapon Beam Description Beam Effect
True Master Sword Blue and white,

with a light blue trail

Explodes on impact, dealing sun damage to all foes. When striking undead, has a chance to explode more violently, affecting undead with Turn Undead.
Deep Corrupt Master Sword Red Explodes on impact, dealing fire damage.
Red Noble Sword Fireball Explodes on impact, with a chance to paralyze.
Blue Noble Sword Ice Storm Passes through foes, dealing frost damage.
Fierce Deity's Sword Light Blue Explodes on impact, dealing shock damage and leaving a trail of shock walls along the ground.
True Four Sword Red Explodes on impact, dealing Fire, Frost, Shock, or Poison damage, or a mixture of the four.
True Phantom Sword Light Blue Explodes on impact, paralyzing foes

Crafting Edit

Ring Ingredients Required Song
Blue Ring White Ring

Grand Soul Gem

Nocturne of Shadow
Red Ring White Ring

Black Soul Gem

Nocturne of Shadow
Ring of Spirits White Ring

Black Soul Gem


Requiem of Spirit
Ring of Goron White Ring

Grand Soul Gem

Bolero of Fire
Ring of Ikana White Ring

Grand Soul Gem

Elegy of Emptiness
Ring of Kokiri White Ring

Grand Soul Gem

Saria's Song


Minuet of Forest

Ring of Zora White Ring

Grand Soul Gem

Serenade of Water
Ring of Woodfall White Ring

Grand Soul Gem

Sonata of Awakening
Ring of Snowhead White Ring

Grand Soul Gem

Goron Lullaby
Ring of Lanayru White Ring

Grand Soul Gem

Song of Storms
Ring of Oocca White Ring

Grand Soul Gem

Song of Soaring


Wind God's Aria

Ring of Faron White Ring

Grand Soul Gem

New Wave Bossa Nova
Ring of Eldin White Ring

Grand Soul Gem

Earth God's Lyric
Ivory Ring* White Ring None

*At Alteration Table

Ivory Ring Edit

The Ivory Ring was implemented in version 6.4 of Relics of Hyrule. Its form and function are virtually identical to the White Ring. However, the Ivory Ring causes weapons to fire slightly different spells from those cast while wearing the White Ring.

Like the White Ring, the enchantment can be learned and applied to other apparel. Wearing an item with the Ivory Ring enchantment at the same time as an item with a White Ring enchantment will result in a potent cross-shaped beam being launched from several weapons, and a potent Fireball or Ice Storm from a True Noble Sword.

Effects Edit

Weapon Differences from White Ring
True Master Sword Vertical beam
Deep Corrupt Master Sword Vertical beam
Red Noble Sword No difference
Blue Noble Sword No difference
Fierce Deity's Sword Vertical beam
True Four Sword Vertical beam
True Phantom Sword Vertical beam

Background and Inspiration Edit

The White Ring is loosely based on the Light Ring from Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. However, the Light Ring modified how sword beams functioned, whereas the White Ring fully enables them.

The White Ring was implemented as a replacement for an unreliable sword beam function based on power attacks. While the White Ring can sometimes be unreliable itself, it still allows the player to control their use of sword beams more effectively than the power attack approach, which was quest-based. The White Ring also serves to make the sword beams more canonical, as their function is similar to several classic games like A Link to the Past, rather than being based on the Skyward Strikes from Skyward Sword.

Data for the Ivory Ring existed in files for Relics of Hyrule since the inception of the White Ring. The Ivory Ring was intended to function on power attacks, but using the White Ring's script-based approach. However, JKalenad was unable to make it function properly and it was scrapped. The data was later used in version 6.4 to make use of vertical sword beams that were abandoned when the White Ring was implemented.

JKalenad has plans to make the Ivory Ring change the spells fired by the Noble Swords, as when the sword beams were linked to power attacks, each type of power attack corresponded to a different spell fired by the Noble Swords. While wearing the Ivory Ring, the Red Noble Sword will fire paralysis projectiles, and the Blue Noble Sword will fire lightning bolts.

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The White Ring as seen with base-game textures

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