Who are "They?"

In my research, I have often come across this pronoun with no antecedent. Tomes simply mention Them, and refer to Them as ghosts with heads of yellow light. Their faces are described as insect-like, and They bear golden claws and carry books and curious silver objects.

And yet, I have found no lore concerning the way these objects of Theirs are used, at least in the books in fair condition or those I have been able to restore.

I have read that They appear in orbs of light, and do little else but watch. Stories tell of Them being seen in fields, watching from afar, or orbs of light passing overhead. Stories suggest that They are studying fallen civilizations, or waiting for civilizations to fall, and They are only found in dying lands. They never attack. They only watch.
But why? Why do They watch? Are They and their orbs of light flights of fancy? Are They products of delirious minds? Normally I would not bother with such trifles, but They are referenced so often in ancient Hylian lore, and legends about Hyrule, that I have to admit, They are becoming a mild obsession.

Who are They? And more importantly, do They truly exist?

Background and Inspiration Edit

The journal was included to provide lore for Them and to establish that They had been present in Hyrule during the Last Great War.

See Also Edit


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