Vetrianaav is a large ruin accessed by an iron door located on an island north of Frossel. It consists of Nordic ruins that break into Dwemer ruins. It houses the Phantom Blade, as well as a Black Fairy in a Jar.

The first passage branches off into two directions. To the west lies a chest with leveled loot. To the east lies a Gossip Stone buried in rubble as well as a passage allowing for further progress into the ruins. The Nordic ruins open into a Dwemer room with a Golden Skulltula and a door. The door leads to a Dwemer passage made of a different type of stone that eventually leads to another door. Beyond the door awaits a Phantom who guards the Phantom Blade and a Black Fairy in a Jar.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Vetrianaav was included in version 5.0 of Relics of Hyrule to house the Phantom Blade.

The dungeon was originally intended to be the secret grotto of Solstheim, and was considered as such until version 6.48, when JKalenad began plans for a dedicated grotto for Solstheim. While Vetrianaav can be considered a Secret Grotto, the fact that it has a name and is not accessed via trapdoor make it unique enough that JKalenad no longer considers it a Secret Grotto.

JKalenad had plans to expand the dungeon to the size of Morwitijaal, but lost interest in doing so.

JKalenad designed the dungeon to be part Dwemer and part Nordic because he wanted to experiment with the idea of two isolated civilizations competing for space. The expansion would have blended the two architectures and featured Draugr fighting Dwemer automata. JKalenad may revisit the expansion in 6.5 or a later update.

The name "Vetrianaav" is an anagram of "Veran" and "Vaati."



Phantoms, Phantom Sword, and Phantom Battlesword - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide-113:31

Phantoms, Phantom Sword, and Phantom Battlesword - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide-1

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