This page will detail the plans for the upcoming version of Relics of Hyrule and JKalenad's progress on said version. JKalenad also posts mod development progress on Twitter, @JKalenad

More information will be forthcoming as it develops.

"Integration" refers to the process of making an object accessible and usable in game.

Version 6.5 - Winds of a Silent Sea

6.5 will ultimately contain content inspired by The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, Skyward Sword, and The Minish Cap with lore concerning the Hero of Winds, as well as the interiors for new Ruptured Towers: Rage and Crisis, and a new location called Lost Sky Crater.

This will be the last major update. Versions 6.6 and beyond will be much smaller in scale.

Feature Stage Notes
Lost Sky Crater Complete Development on hold until Rage is finished.
Rage Complete
Crisis Complete Some fine-tuning may occur, but the dungeon is fully integrated and functional.
Nayru's Shrine Complete Not yet fully integrated
Mirror Shield of the Tower Complete
Solstheim Secret Grotto Complete
Minish Dungeon:

Abandoned Lodge

Minish Dungeon: Vahlok's Tomb Complete
Minish Dungeon:

Deepwood Redoubt

Minish Dungeon:

Pilgrim's Trench

Postponed Postponed to 6.6.
Goddess Sword Complete Fully finished and integrated, awaiting in-world placement.
Dlekjran, an Argonian ranger follower Complete Dlekjran is the archer mentioned in Arefal's Journals.
Ghost Ship Complete Development on hold until Lost Sky Crater is finished.
Six Islands Complete Developed with Ghost Ship. Isle of Ruins, Spirit Island, Dragon Roost Island, and two others planned.
Ordon Shield Postponed Postponed indefinitely
Spirit Shield Complete
Outset Shield Complete
Shield of Antiquity Complete
Scissor Beetles Complete Scissor Beetles will be retextured Chaurus, and will drop Scissor Beetle Chitin, allowing the player to craft Scissor Beetle weapons similar to Falmer weapons.
Pesto Complete Retextured Chaurus Hunters. Will drop Pesto antennae, a new alchemical ingredient
Scissor Beetle Weapons Complete Retextured Falmer Weapons, crafted from Scissor Beetle Chitin
Skulltula Hatchlings, eggs, egg sacs Complete
Zelda's Armor, Hilda's Armor Complete
Karat and Sand Crabs Complete Retextured Mudcrabs. Found in Lost Sky Crater
Dodongos Postponed Found in Lost Sky Crater

Version 6.6 - Seasons of Ages Past

Version 6.6 will feature content from Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. Some scant Breath of the Wild content may appear in this update, but the update will focus most on the Hall of Memories.

Feature Stage Notes
Rod of Seasons Planning
Harp of Ages Planning
Magic Rings Planning
Magical Key Planning
Hall of Memories Planning Intended to be a museum area of sorts for Relics of Hyrule items
Blood Fairy Planning A corrupted Great Fairy residing in Haafingar Secret Grotto
Fossils Brainstorming May be postponed to 6.7
Boomerangs Brainstorming May be postponed to 6.7

Version 6.7 - Sacrament of Wilderness

Version 6.7 will feature content from Breath of the Wild and an expansion of the Ghost Ship included in version 6.5.

Feature Stage Notes
Lightning Rod N/A Will shoot balls of lightning
Shock Arrows N/A Will disarm foes upon explosive contact.
Sheikah Slate N/A
Runes N/A

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