They (also "They," or Them) are mysterious beings found in Kakariko Village and Lost Sky Crater.

They appear as humanoid creatures wearing robes much like those of the followers of Vaermina, coupled with gauntlets similar to Elven Gauntlets, and helmets much like Shellbug Helmets. Their eyes glow yellow-orange, and their heads seem to be aflame with light yellow light. They seem to hover a few inches above the ground, and do not appear to have any feet.

They are found on the east side of Kakariko Village, near the Smithy and eastern tower, and at the farthest end of Lost Sky Crater, close to the entrance to Lost Sky Ruins. A bright ball of light can always be found near Them, and several of Them are stationed around it. They are often seen searching chests or reading books.

If attacked, They will retaliate using a small weapon enchanted with shock damage and paralysis effects, or shock magic fired from a small disc held in Their hand. When defeated, They vanish with a bright explosion, leaving behind a pile of rags that contains a book, Rupees, a small white rod called Their Device, and a silver disc called Their Device (Broken).

Their nature is unknown, and little information about Them is available. Vylintyn Mohkcshivek has written notes on Them and rumors regarding Them, but she is dubious whether They are real.

Background and Inspiration Edit

They are based on creatures from Majora's Mask. In the game, They are referred to as Ghosts, but also by the plural pronoun "They." JKalenad decided to make Them all the more mysterious by giving Them no name other than a capitalized, plural pronoun. He reinterpreted Them, and developed a full backstory for Them to explain Their presence in Termina, as well as in Kakariko Village.

They were added to the mod in version 6.4 with Kakariko Village. JKalenad plans to expand Their presence further in versions 6.6, and 6.7, with each update giving additional clues toward an explanation of who (or what) They are. Their small discs were given a purpose in version 6.5 as costless Spark spells after being repaired.

It is JKalenad's convention to refer to Them without quotation marks, and to capitalize the pronoun whenever They are referred to.

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