The Lost Art of the Ocarina Volume III

by Pielor Rifted

As I discussed in earlier volumes, the ocarina is very rare in Skyrim, but the instrument has the distinction of carrying an ancient myth with it. In my research on ocarinas, I discovered Dwemer texts mentioning one of frightening power.

Texts make mention of an instrument hidden in a flooded dwarven building north by northwest of what is now Solitude, built around an ancient shrine housing an impossible door and an item that the Dwemer claim was used as a tool of war.

A skilled bard could play songs with the object. Songs that caused various effects, including one that linked the musician to a time long ago. The Dwemer found that playing this song near an "ancient gate" would produce the image of a key in the musician's mind.


This is all I have so far. I don't know if I can finish it, since I have little resources concerning the pre-Dwemer artifact. I have found only one book mentioning it, and have lost that. Alas, and this thought causes tears to come to my eyes, perhaps the ocarina will forever be orphaned. I suggest the endeavour to future scholars. If I recall correctly, the Dwemer building mentioned is called Kinolangdanzel.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The book was added with the Ocarina of Time to provide a hint to the player as to the object's location and names Kinolangdanzel. Prior to version 6.4, the line "ancient gate" read "ancient enchanter," and was changed to reflect the updated function of the Song of Time.

Video Edit

The Lost Art of the Ocarina was featured in Episode 3 of Relics of Hyrule: The Series

Relics of Hyrule- The Series Episode 3 - Letter Openers27:11

Relics of Hyrule- The Series Episode 3 - Letter Openers

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