The Terminan Gems are four unique soul gems that are used to craft the Terminan Hero's Shield, the True Four Sword, and the improved Great Fairy's Sword.

The gems are treated as Black Soul Gems, and therefore require the souls of humanoid NPCs. A Terminan Gem can be used in enchanting, but doing so destroys the gem, preventing its use in Relics of Hyrule crafting.

One of each gem can be found carried by the bosses of Morwitijaal, as well as in the first four Ruptured Towers. The gems can also be found scattered throughout Skyrim, marked by Fairies.

The Gem of the Swamp is found in an unmarked ruin east by southeast from the Apprentice Stone.

The Gem of the Mountain is found on Northwind Summit, in a shack.

The Gem of the Ocean is found in a barrel underwater north of Ravenscar Hollow.

The Gem of the Canyon is found in a barrel in Mossy Glen Cave, which is located in Dayspring Canyon.

Lore Edit

The origins of the Terminan Gems are unknown, but their connection to the Terminan Shield and Great Fairy's Sword indicate that they are Terminan in origin. A possibility is that the Great Fairies of Termina made the gems to store their magic power, intending them to be used after the Great Fairies ceased to be.

Video Edit

Terminan Shield - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide25:14

Terminan Shield - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Terminan Gems have been included in Relics of Hyrule since its inception, and were originally part of JKalenad's standalone Terminan Shield mod. Their locations are largely unchanged, apart from the Gem of the Canyon, which was moved to Mossy Glen Cave in Dawnguard-reliant versions of the mod. In the No-DLC version of the mod, the Gem of the Canyon was located in Sunderstone Gorge.

The Terminan Gems were included to pay homage to the four cardinal regions of Majora's Mask, as well as the Four Giants. They serve to complicate the recipe for the Terminan Hero's Shield, making it rewarding to obtain. They also serve as counterparts to the Golden Goddess Gems.

In version 4.4, a second set of Terminan Gems was added to Relics of Hyrule, with a third set being added in version 6.3.

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