The Tempered Sword is a unique one-handed sword reforged from the Noble Sword. It can be reforged into the Golden Sword.

The Tempered Sword deals 10 points of fire damage with each strike, but this damage is not part of a standard enchantment. Much like the Silver Sword and Goron Weapons, the fire damage is dealt via a perk, meaning the Tempered Sword can be enchanted. Therefore, a master Enchanter could give the sword three enchantments by adding two to the existing fire damage.

Crafting Edit

Terminan Forge Edit

Required Items Conditions Alternate Conditions
Noble Sword 50 Smithing Triforce of Knowledge
2 Moon Shards
4 Fire Salts

Ancient Enchanter Edit



Conditions Alternate








2 Moon Shards Song of Time Prelude

of Light

4 Fire


Note: any combination of skill and song can be used

Lore Edit

After several Noble Swords were brought to Hyrule, they were studied and means of reforging them were devised. One path of reforging created a blade that never cooled down. The Gorons were interested in Tempered Swords, as Goron weapons were similar to them in terms of never-cooling heat. Some Gorons used Tempered Swords in battle.

It is unclear whether Lolian or Dwarven swordsmiths developed the Tempered Sword. No evidence confirming either source is known to exist.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Tempered Sword uses the model of the Fire Sword from Artifacts of Ultima by DMagnus.

The Tempered Sword was included in version 5.0 of Relics of Hyrule, with the Noble Sword and Golden Sword. It was included as a direct reference to the Tempered Sword of A Link to the Past. The recipe for forging the Tempered Sword references A Link Between Worlds. The Moon Shards in the recipe are in place instead of Master Ore. Fire Salts were added to provide context for the intense heat of the blade.

The Tempered Sword was included as part of one of the Noble Sword's "evolutions," as a transition to the Golden Sword. However, given the sword's strength and unique nature, it is a viable alternative to the Golden Sword.

The description of the Tempered Sword reads "A blade that glows with the burning of the past," which can be interpreted to mean the energy of the sword comes from temporal energy of a literally burning past, or that the sword is a reminder of the glory of Hyrule and Lorule.

JKalenad has plans to update the texture of the Tempered Sword's blade to more closely resemble glowing metal.

See Also Edit

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