The Sword of Despair is a large sword that has the same strength as a Daedric Greatsword, while weighing as much as an Elven Battleaxe.

It is a One-Handed Sword by default, but can be altered into a Greatsword at an Alteration Table.

It offers no enchantments but can be enchanted.

Location Edit

The Sword of Despair is located in Ganon's Tower where it is wielded by the Master Darknut, whom is guarding Ganon's Coffin, and also wields the Nightfall Clock Shield, a Life Medal and a Zuna Dagger.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Sword of Despair was added in Relics of Hyrule version 6.2.

The Sword of Despair is heavily retextured and remodeled from the Darknut Battlesword, which was modeled by Overmind5000.

It's appearance is based on the sword of the same name from Hyrule Warriors.

See Also Edit

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