Staltroops are armored skeletal enemies found in several Relics of Hyrule locations. They can be summoned using Summon Staltroop or Staltroop Thrall.

Staltroops wield Forgotten Weapons and Hylian Shields or Skyloft Shields. A Staltroop will always wear a Hylian Soldier's Helmet, and this helmet can be looted, unlike the rest of their armor.

Staltroops have no perks and are always level 5.

Locations Edit

Location Number
Morwitijaal 1
Kinolangdanzel 4
Ganon's Tomb 3
The Ruptured Towers - Loss 8
The Ruptured Towers - Saudade 41

Staltroops are fairly uncommon, but can easily be found in Morwitijaal and Kinolangdanzel. After access to the Ruptured Towers is gained, Staltroops can be more easily found, with 3 in Ganon's Tomb, 8 in the main dungeon of Loss, and an army of 41 found in Stallord's boss arena.

Staltroops may be summoned by Shrouded Stalfos, and enemies transformed by Majora's Wrath may become Staltroops.

Lore Edit

The origin of the Staltroops is well established by the book Even Death May Die, found in The Ruptured Towers - Loss.

The Staltroops are soldiers of Hyrule's army, reanimated by dark magic and subjugated by the Dark Army. Their curse resulted in undeath beyond the fall of Hyrule. Therefore, the Staltroops fought in Relics of Hyrule are thousands of years old.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Staltroops were included in version 5.9 of Relics of Hyrule. In this version, they had a chance to spawn with Stalchildren and Stalfos, as well as Hylian Ghosts. In later updates, they were removed from the spawn lists of these enemies, to prevent underwhelming Stalfos and ghostly Staltroops. JKalenad plans to make Staltroops more common by spawning with Skeletons.

The Staltroops are based very closely on the enemies of the same name from Twilight Princess, albeit more aggressive. Their prevalence in Saudade, the boss arena of Stallord in Relics of Hyrule is a direct reference to their presence in the fight against Stallord in Twilight Princess.

Staltroops are some of JKalenad's favorite enemies.

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Staltroop wielding a Forgotten Sword and Hylian Shield


A Staltroop ambushing the player in the boss arena of the Ruptured Towers - Loss