The Stalfos Knight is a powerful Stalfos found in Kinolangdanzel as the third mini-boss before facing the Silver Centurion.

The Stalfos Knight carries the Skull Hammer, the third boss key for the dungeon, spell tomes for Summon Stalchild and Summon Stalfos, Stalfos Bone Meal, and a one-handed weapon as a backup for the Skull Hammer.

The Stalfos Knight is very large, standing twice the height of a normal Skeleton.

The Stalfos Knight has two perks: Barbarian level 60, and Skullcrusher level 60.

Lore Edit

The height of the Stalfos Knight indicates that it is either the reanimated skeleton of a giant, or a reanimated skeleton that had somehow accumulated extra bones. As with all Stalfos, its origins and history are unclear.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Stalfos Knight was included in version 3.0 of Relics of Hyrule, with Kinolangdanzel. It gained armor in later updates, including a Hylian Soldier's Helmet, to make it more distinct and unique beyond wielding the Skull Hammer.

The Stalfos Knight was inspired by the enemies of the same name from A Link to the Past. Its role was modified to accommodate the Skull Hammer.

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