Stalfos are strong skeletal enemies that stand at one and a half times the height of a normal skeleton. They are found in many Relics of Hyrule dungeons. They will occasionally spawn with Skeletons in other locations.

Stalfos wield Stalfos Swords, Forgotten Swords, Forgotten Axes, or Armos Weapons with Banded Iron Shields or Armos Shields and will drop Stalfos Bone Meal on death.

Stalfos do not wield spells, but carry the level 30 Bladesman and level 40 Armsman perks, and if they are carrying a shield, the level 40 Shield Wall, and Disarming Bash perks.

Stalfos my be summoned with the Summon Stalfos or Stalfos Thrall spells.

A unique Stalfos wielding a Terminan Shield can be found in Morwitijaal.

Another unique Stalfos, the Stalfos Knight, can be found in Kinolangdanzel.

Parutamu Edit

Parutamu are stronger variants of Stalfos that wear armor and wield maces. They will either wield an Armos Mace or a Steel Mace with a Banded Iron Shield or Armos Shield.

Parutamu have fewer perks than Stalfos, with Armsman level 40 and Bladesman level 60.

Guranteed Parutamu are found in The Ruptured Towers - Loss, Itnamzand, and Beneath the Well. They may also spawn with Stalfos, and as of version 6.3, they can be summoned with the Summon Stalfos spell instead of a normal Stalfos.

Lore Edit

The lore surrounding the Stalfos is not well-established in Relics of Hyrule. Armored Stalfos and Parutamu are seen wearing Hylian Soldier Helmets like the Staltroops, so the case may be that Stalfos are the reanimated skeletons of deceased soldiers, increased in size by magic or by adding extra bones.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Stalfos and the Stalfos Knight were added to the Relics of Hyrule in version 3.0 with Kinolangdanzel.

Parutamu were added in version 4.7.

Stalfos are conglomerates of their various designs, based heavily on their appearances in The Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link, and A Link to the Past with influences from their Skyward Sword design. The Banded Iron Shield they carry is in reference to their one of their shields in Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess.

The Parutamu are from The Adventure of Link and were given maces in reference to the design of the Stalfos in The Wind Waker.

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