A songbook page as viewed in the player's inventory

The Ocarina of Time, Fairy Ocarina, and Wind Waker make use of special spells called Songs that function like normal spells, but with no Magicka cost, are typically used as Lesser Powers, and require the presence of their respective instrument in the player's inventory. The Triforce of Wisdom will enhance Ocarina Songs.

The songbook pages for Ocarina Songs can be found in certain locations, through Falmer Loot, or crafted using the Ocarina Songbook in The Shattered Lands.

No Wind Waker Spellbook currently exists, so Wind Waker songs can only be obtained through guaranteed locations or Falmer loot.

There are a total of 22 Ocarina Songs and 7 Wind Waker Songs in Relics of Hyrule.

The FormID and EditorID for a song can be found in its individual wikia article as well as information on the effects of the Triforce of Wisdom on a particular song.

Loot Sources Edit

23 songs can be found in random loot in Draugr, Dwemer, or Falmer dungeons, or carried by magic users. In general, a Songbook Page has a 25% chance of appearing with no other modifiers.

Source Rarity Rarity Breakdown
Warlock Spell Tomes 3.75% 25% from Songbook Page List

15% from Spell Tome List

Dwarven Scrolls 2.00% 25% from Songbook Page List

10% from Scroll list

Dwarven Clutter 18.75% 25% from Songbook Page List

75% from Clutter list

Falmer Shaman Loot 18.75% 25% from Songbook Page List

75% from Shaman list

Sold by Ferran 6.25% 25% from Songbook Page List

25% from Spell Tome list.

Ocarina Songs Edit

Song Title Effect Guaranteed Location Obtainable




Usable with

Fairy Ocarina





Bolero of Fire 100% Fire resistance Blind Cliff Cave, in Melka's cage. Yes No (##0B9A38) MAGOOTPage


Elegy of Emptiness Weapon strikes paralyze foes and

drains their magicka

Chillwind Depths, on bedroll with dead prisoner holding note. Yes No (##0B9A39) MAGOOTPage


Epona's Song Summons Epona

or ghostly horse

Blackreach War Quarters, on ledge in bedroom. Yes Yes (##0B9A3A) MAGOOTPage


Goron Lullaby Weapon strikes deal heavy stamina damage Haemar's Shame, on table with salt and dagger, near coffin and enchanter. Yes No (##0B9A3B) MAGOOTPage


Minuet of Forest 100% Poison and

Disease resistance

Eldergleam Sanctuary, at top of Sanctuary with Power Sword. Yes No (##0B9A3C) MAGOOTPage


Nocturne of Shadow Invisibility and Muffle Darklight Chambers, on end table before last staircase before exit. Yes No (##0B9A3D) MAGOOTPage


Oath to Order Summons a Hylian

Soldier to fight for you

Dead Men's Respite, in flooded room with coffins and spiral staircases. Yes No (##0B9A3E) MAGOOTPage


Requiem of Spirit Fortifies Magicka and

Magicka regeneration

Gloomreach Hive, on natural shelf across pit near Falmer Tent. Yes No (##0B9A3F) MAGOOTPage


Serenade of Water 100% Frost resistance Kagrenzel, in back-left corner of first room. Yes No (##0B9A40) MAGOOTPage


Sonata of Awakening Raises corpse to fight for

you for a day.


Depths, in flooded area near bed. May have floated to ceiling

Yes No (##0B9A41) MAGOOTPage


New Wave Bossa Nova Reduces recharge time

for shouts.

Fortifies Speech.

Lost Valkygg, on small bridge in lowest part of dungeon. Yes No (##0B9A42) MAGOOTPage


Song of Double Time Attributes regenerate


Crafted No No (##0B9A43) MAGOOTPage


Inverted Song of Time Time is slowed Crafted No No (##0B9A44) MAGOOTPage


Song of Soaring Increases Carry Weight,

Reduces fall damage,


Increases movement speed.

Folgunthur Crypt, in final room, near metal Nordic statue embedded in pillar. Yes No (##0B9A45) MAGOOTPage


Song of Storms 100% Shock resistance

Summons thunderstorm

Wreck of the Brinehammer, on rug near mounted Horker Head. Yes No (##0B9A46) MAGOOTPage


Prelude of Light Undead take more damage from you and deal less to you. Raldbthar Deep Market, in large rubble pile near Falmer tent. Yes No (##0B9A47) MAGOOTPage


Saria's Song All skills and attributes are fortified by 10 points for 2 minutes. Shrouded Grove, on small rock with Kokiri Sword. Yes Yes (##0B9A48) MAGOOTPage


Zelda's Lullaby All skills improve faster for 1 hour. Critical hits occur more often Kinolangdanzel Shrine, in chest. Yes Yes (##0B9A49) MAGOOTPage


Sun's Song Clears skies and

causes weapon strikes to deal fire damage

Rimerock Burrow, on shelf with bowls and a candlestick. Yes No (##0B9A4A) MAGOOTPage


Song of Healing Fully heals you and nearby allies.

Cures disease and poison.

Faldar's Tooth, on a crate near torture rack and Hylian Shield. Yes No (##0B9A4B) MAGOOTPage


Song of Time Restores attributes by 50 points, Enables crafting of certain items at Ancient Enchanter, opens Ancient Gates, and summons Blocks of Time in certain places. Forelhost

Refectory, in small chest marked by blue Fairy.

Yes No (##0BC22C) MAGOOTPage


Zelda's Round Separates scabbard from Zelda's Sword or reunites them. Crafted No Yes (##A2A345) MAGOOTPage


Wind Waker Songs Edit

Song Title Effect Page Location Obtainable




Equip Type FormID




Wind God's Aria Knocks over foes in a 100 unit radius. Mount Anthor, on altar. Yes Power (##88EC08) WindWakerPage


Earth God's Lyric Summons a boulder or tree. Robber's Cove, near underwater chest. Yes Power (##88EC09) WindWakerPage


Song of Passing Speeds up flow of time. Rift Secret Grotto, in first part of underwater ruin, on wide rubble pile. Yes Power (##88EC0A) WindWakerPage


Command Melody (Lesser) Offers choice of Wind Waker's active song or the Moon Pearl's form. Geirmund's Hall, in burial urn in flooded area. Yes Power (##88EC11) WindWakerPage


Command Melody (True) Foes will fight for you. Accessed via Lesser Command Melody No Wind Waker (##88EC0D)* WindWakerCommand


Wind's Requiem Gust of wind that tosses enemies and items Default Song No Wind Waker (##71DE7A)* WindWakerWinds


Ballad of Gales Cyclones that toss enemies Accessed via Lesser Command Melody No Wind Waker (##788E74)* WindWakerBalladof


*The ID listed is for the version of the Wind Waker with this song active.

Branches Edit

Each song can be classified into one of four branches: Buffing, Ally, Battle, or Special.

Buffing Songs Ally Songs Battle Songs Special Songs
Saria's Song Sonata of Awakening Song of Healing Song of Time
Minuet of Forest Oath to Order Inverted Song of Time Zelda's Round
Bolero of Fire Epona's Song Elegy of Emptiness Lesser Command Melody
Serenade of Water Command Melody Goron Lullaby Song of Passing
Requiem of Spirit Prelude of Light Earth God's Lyric
Nocturne of Shadow Sun's Song
Song of Storms Song of Double Time
Song of Soaring Ballad of Gales
New Wave Bossa Nova Wind's Requiem
Zelda's Lullaby Wind God's Aria

Buffing Songs apply a temporary magic effect that benefits the player.

Ally Songs summon or recruit allies to assist the player.

Battle Songs apply effects that are geared toward heightening offensive skills or damage.

Special Songs have unique uses and function as tools of their own.

Crafting Edit

Songbook pages can be crafted if the player is carrying the Ocarina Songbook and the Ocarina of Time. Most songs require an additional ingredient.

Song Ingredient Notes and Reasoning
Bolero of Fire Fire Salts Association with fire element

Resistance to Fire effect

Elegy of Emptiness Canis Root Paralysis effect
Epona's Song Wheat Allusion to horse food

Restore Health effect

Goron Lullaby Frost Mirriam Allusion to Snowhead

Resist Frost effect

Damage Stamina Regen effect

Minuet of Forest Yellow Mountain Flower Floral, forest association

Resist Poison Effect

Nocturne of Shadow Luna Moth Wing Association with night and shadow

Invisibility effect

New Wave Bossa Nova Small Pearl Association with the sea
Oath to Order Moon's Tear Canon association with Termina

and the falling of Termina's Moon

Prelude of Light Vampire Dust Ingredient acquired by killing undead

Symbolic of song dealing extra damage

to undead

Requiem of Spirit Jazbay Grape Regenerate Magicka effect
Saria's Song Hanging Moss Plantlife as allusion to Kokiri

Moss as allusion to Saria's hair

Fortify Health Effect

Serenade of Water Slaughterfish Scales Allusion to Zora scales

Acquired from fish

Resist Frost effect

Sonata of Awakening Lavender Plantlife as allusion to Deku Tribe

Flower as allusion to Deku Princess

Sun's Song Dragon's Tongue Coloring and shape of flower allusion to sun

Resist Fire effect

Song of Healing Imp Stool Allusion to Skull Kid
Song of Soaring Hawk Beak Acquired from birds

Fortify Carry Weight effect

Song of Storms Void Salts Association with storm element

Resistance to Shock effect

Song of Time None Only requires Ocarina of Time
Song of Double Time None Requires Song of Time
Inverted Song of Time None Requires Song of Time
Zelda's Lullaby N/A Not craftable, obtained with Ocarina of Time
Zelda's Round None Requires Zelda's Lullaby and Zelda's Sword

Notes Edit

Wind's Requiem is similar in function to the Unrelenting Force shout.

Ballad of Gales is similar in function to the Cyclone shout and Tornado Rod.

The True Command Melody is similar in function to Command Daedra, but will act on any foe. Commanded enemies will not become followers and may die if other foes have the upper hand.

Lore Edit

During the Last Great War of Hyrule, Hylian Mages modified the Ocarina Songs and Wind Waker Songs to be used in battle. The Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker were also modified into weapons of war.

The spellbook pages were scattered by a Dwemer scholar who found them in Kinolangdanzel. Out of fear for the power of the Ocarina of Time, he tore pages out of an Ocarina Songbook. His decision is outlined in the Dwemer Songbook. Over time, the pages moved around Skyrim, carried by travelers and adventurers.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Most of the Ocarina songs were added to Relics of Hyrule in version 3.0 with the Ocarina of Time and Kinolangdanzel. Zelda's Round was added in version 6.0 with Zelda's Sword.

All of the Wind Waker songs were added in version 6.0 with the Wind Waker and Kamdelimar.

Most songs are a departure from their canon functions, being adapted for use in Skyrim. The Song of Storms is most similar to its traditional function.

Several songs have been modified since their inception. For instance, Goron Lullaby used to calm enemies, much like the Voice of the Emperor racial power. It was changed to its current function to provide more use in battle and to be unique from the racial power. Another example is Saria's Song, which used to be similar to the spell Call to Arms. Most Ocarina Songs were also stronger and functioned as Powers and could only be used once a day. With the addition of the Triforce of Wisdom, the songs were weakened and made usable anytime.

In version 6.5.12, the crafting of songbook pages from the Ocarina Songbook was made more difficult, requiring additional ingredients. This was done to include a sense of achievement for obtaining the songs, even after finding the songbook.

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