The Skyloft Reinforced Shield is a unique, rectangular iron shield and the upgraded version of the Skyloft Iron Shield. It generally offers the same protection as a Glass Shield, while weighing more than a Stalhrim Shield.

It can be tempered with a Steel Ingot, and be upgraded further into the Skyloft Fortified Shield at a Terminan Forge.

It offers 33% resistance to fire damage.

The shield can often be found on Staltroops.

Crafting Edit

At a Terminan Forge Edit

Required Items Conditions Alternate Conditions
Skyloft Iron Shield Smithing Lv.40 Triforce of Knowledge
Steel Ingot
2 Bear Claws
2 Bone Meal

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Skyloft Reinforced, Iron, and Fortified Shields were added to Relics of Hyrule version 4.4.

The shield is modeled after its appearance in Skyward Sword, showing a bit of wear and tear to it, but much more maintained in comparison to the Skyloft Iron Shield.

The recipe to craft the Reinforced Shield is based on the recipe used in Skyward Sword when upgraded it from the Iron Shield, only using ingredients found in Skyrim instead. The Steel Ingot is in place of the Eldin Ore, the Bear Claws is in place of the Monster Claws, and the Bone Meal is in place of the Ornamental Skulls.

See Also Edit

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