The Skyloft Iron Shield is a rectangular iron shield that is almost equal with the Chitin Shield in terms or protection, and weighing as much as a Stalhrim Shield.

The shield can be tempered with an Iron Ingot, and be upgraded into the Skyloft Reinforced Shield at a Terminan Forge.

It offers some resistance to fire damage.

Locations Edit

One Skyloft Iron Shield can be found in Morwitijaal, laying on the ground next to the Hero's Crossbow in the room with the Madman. Another can be found in Itnamzand, resting against a Dwarven Chest in the last room before entering Itnamzand Depths. It is found resting alongside an Ashland Goron Tunic and Goron Cap.

The shield can also be seen being used by Phantoms and Staltroops.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Skyloft Iron, Reinforced, and Fortified Shields were added in Relics of Hyrule version 4.4.

The shield was modeled after its appearance in Skyward Sword, however shows long wear and rust given how ancient the shield is.

It being able to resist fire is based on its functionality in Skyward Sword, along with the other Iron Shields.

See Also Edit

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