The Skyloft Braced Shield is a rounded, wooden shield and the upgraded form of the Skyloft Banded Shield. It offers better protection than the Elven Shield, while weighing as much as a Glass or Dragonscale Shield.

The shield can be tempered with an Iron Ingot, and adds even greater resistance to shock damage.

Locations Edit

A Skyloft Braced Shield can be found in Vylintyn Mohkcshivek's inventory, who is found in the Forgotten Cavern.

It can also be found on Staltroops.

Crafting Edit

At a Terminan Forge Edit

Required Items Conditions Alternate Conditions
Skyloft Banded Shield Smithing Lv.45 Triforce of Knowledge
Bone Meal
2 Bear Claws
2 Canis Roots
3 Pearls

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Skyloft Braced, Wooden, and Banded Shields were added in Relics of Hyrule version 5.6.

The shield's design is heavily based on its appearance in Skyward Sword.

The resistance to shock damage, as with the other two wooden shields, is referencing the original shield's benefit of protection against electricity or lightning-based attacks in Skyward Sword.

The recipe to craft the Braced Shield is a reference to the original recipe needed to upgrade the Banded Shield into the Braced Shield in Skyward Sword, using ingredients from Skyrim that reference the ingredients in the original game. The Bear Claw is in place of the Monster Claw, the Canis Roots is in place of the Tumbleweeds, the Bone Meal is in place of the Ornamental Skull, and the Pearls are in place of the Amber Relics.

JKalenad is very proud of the Braced Shield and considers it a hidden gem in the mod.

See Also Edit

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