The Skull Hammer is a unique warhammer found in Kinolangdanzel Depths, wielded by the Stalfos Knight.

The Skull Hammer is stronger than a Dragonbone warhammer, and also weighs less. However, the Skull Hammer swings more slowly. It can be considered a two-handed counterpart to the Megaton Hammer.

It normally carries an enchantment that may cause knockback, but this enchantment can be removed at an Ancient Enchanter.

Enchantment Edit

The Skull Hammer responds to the equipment of its wielder, as well as the equipment of its target. The hammer may knock down enemies with each strike, but the chance of knockback raises depending on several factors. The force of the knockback is always the same.

Factor Chance of Knockback
None 10%
Wearing Silver Gauntlets 25%
Wearing Golden Gauntlets 50%
Wearing Platinum Gauntlets 75%
Performing power attack 100%

The Skull Hammer will also deal 40 points of Stamina damage to all enemies, as well as a chance to paralyze enemies for 7 seconds. Dragons receive 26 points of health damage for 1 second, tapering for another second.

Enchantment Removal and Restoration Edit

The knockback effect can be removed by combining the Skull Hammer with an empty lesser soul gem. The effect can be returned by combining the Skull Hammer with a filled common soul gem.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Skull Hammer is based on the hammer of the same name from The Wind Waker, and its enchantment draws inspiration from the function of the hammer in its source game. It was added as a two-handed counterpart to the Megaton Hammer, and uses the same enchantment.

It was given a fairly drastic redesign from its exaggerated look in The Wind Waker to better fit Skyrim. It is essentially a Daedric warhammer with an oversized head of a Dwarven warhammer surrounded by a troll skull. However, elements were kept from its original design, including its coloration and shape of the end of its handle.

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