The Silver Gauntlets are a unique, versatile pair of gauntlets. When found, they are categorized as light armor and carry a powerful enchantment. Alteration Tables and Ancient Enchanters can be used to modify their armor type and armor rating, as well as the enchantment. The former has no requirements, while the latter requires soul gems.

By default, the gauntlets are one point stronger than Dragonscale gauntlets. The heavy armor variants are equal in strength to Daedric gauntlets.

The gauntlets fortify carry weight, two-handed, one-handed, archery, and unarmed damage, and will make weapons swing 15% faster. This final effect can be removed.

The Silver Gauntlets must be present for the player to obtain the Platinum Gauntlets.

Location Edit

The Silver Gauntlets are found in Ragnvald Canal, in a knapsack near the body of a deceased Orc adventurer named Nikkhelottei.


A route to Ragnvald from Markarth

[interior images coming soon]

Enchantment Modification Edit

Removal of Speed Effect Edit

Requirements Conditions
Silver Gauntlets* Silver Gauntlets in Inventory
Lesser Soul Gem (Empty)

Restoration of Speed Effect Edit

Requirements Conditions
Silver Gauntlets Silver Gauntlets in inventory
Grand Soul Gem (Filled)

*Either light armor or heavy armor versions.

Lore Edit

The Silver Gauntlets proved invaluable during the Last Great War of Hyrule, but conflicting information regarding their alignment exists. Some tales mention their use by the Dark Army, other mention Zelda herself wearing them.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Silver Gauntlets were originally part of a standalone mod with the Golden Gauntlets. They were later merged into Relics of Hyrule. They are retextured Ebony gauntlets, and therefore have the same model issues as Ebony gauntlets. They were deliberately designed to be more ornate than the Golden Gauntlets, to imply that they were meant for royalty.

The gauntlets saw several minor changes to their location. Originally, Nikkhelottei was wearing the gauntlets, but this proved impractical, as her corpse would vanish, preventing players who overlooked the gauntlets from obtaining them. They were later moved to a knapsack set to not respawn with the dungeon.

The ability to switch the armor type of the gauntlets was removed in 4.15, but was later restored when JKalenad realized there was no Legend of Zelda canon for the armor type of the gauntlets, and locking them to a type limited the player.

JKalenad regards the Silver Gauntlets as one of his favorite pieces of armor. They can often be seen in the trailers for the various updates of the mod. JKalenad's first Skyrim character adopted the gauntlets as part of her attire and has almost never changed to a different pair of gauntlets.

Prior to version 6.47, the process for modifying the enchantment of the gauntlets was executed at the Ancient Enchanter. However, this conflicted with certain perk overhaul mods and was changed in version 6.47.

See Also Edit

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