The Silver Centurion is the final boss of Kinolangdanzel and the guardian of the Ocarina of Time.

It is found in Kinolangdanzel Depths. In battle, it will strike with its axe and hammer arms at close range, occasionally spitting icy whirlwinds or forceful gusts of air. Prior to version 6.44, the Silver Centurion was accompanied by two Greater Chilfos.

When defeated, standard Dwarven Centurion loot, soul gems, ore, scrap, Dwarven weapons, and loot normally found in large Dwarven chests can be found on the Silver Centurion's remains, as well as the Shrine Key. This key grants access to Kinolangdanzel Shrine and the Ocarina of Time.

Lore Edit

The Silver Centurion was built to guard the Ocarina of Time after it was hidden in the then-unnamed shrine. The shrine was buried deep underground by geological activity over the course of thousands of years, and the Silver Centurion was badly damaged. It was left undiscovered until the Dwemer began construction on Kinolangdanzel. They discovered the Silver Centurion and rebuilt it using Dwemer materials and design.

Background and Inspiration Edit

As the boss of Kinolangdanzel, the Silver Centurion was the first boss character designed for Relics of Hyrule. In fact, it is the fifth NPC listed in the main file for the mod, after The Lonely Giant, Nikkhelottei, the Woeful Draugr, and the deceased wizard found near the Gem of the Swamp.

The Silver Centurion's height is listed as 2.7, making it roughly 16 feet or 5 meters tall, but it was originally set at a value of 3.0, which would make it 18 feet or 5.5 meters tall. The height was reduced in an attempt to allow the Centurion to reliably rest in its frame.

The Silver Centurion's design is based on Gohdan from The Wind Waker. The Centurion's coloring, including a golden "crown" and a mustache are elements included in reference to Gohdan. Other details allude to the Centurion's Hylian origin, such as Triforce symbols on its back and gears.

The Silver Centurion is JKalenad's favorite boss from the mod, followed closely by Majora's Priest.

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The Centurion in its frame


The Silver Centurion spitting an Ice Storm


A close view of the Silver Centurion's face. This image was used as the basis for the thumbnail of Relics of Hyrule: The Series Episode 18.

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Relics of Hyrule- The Series Episode 18 - The Silver Centurion

Relics of Hyrule- The Series Episode 18 - The Silver Centurion