The Shiekah Garb is a set of light armor that has that offers the same protection as Elven Armor, and weighs as much as Glass and Stalhrim Light Armor.

It is Light Armor only, so it cannot be altered at an Alteration Table.

When worn, the garb will muffle the wearer's footsteps by 80% and adds 15% resistance to damage. Damage with one-handed sneak attacks is doubled. If the Blue Ring or Red Ring is equipped, the armor will reflect damage.

The armor can be tempered using a piece of Frost Mirriam and a piece of Leather.

Sheikah Boots Edit

The Sheikah Boots are a pair of boots that go alongside the Sheikah Garb. They offer the same protection as Elven Boots and weigh as much as Glass, Scaled, and Stalhrim Light Boots.

When worn, they muffle the wearer's footsteps by 50%.

They can be tempered using a piece of Frost Mirriam and a piece of Leather.

Location Edit

There are three guaranteed sets of Sheikah Garb that can be found. They are stored in blue Burial Urns alongside a pair of Sheikah Boots and Sheikah Throwing Daggers. The Dark Chest of Wonders has a chance of holding the Shiekah Garb.

One set is found in Folgunthur in the final room of the dungeon, behind the gate buried in rubble. The second is in Morwitijaal, in the Catacombs section behind some large Urns. The third is found Beneath the Well in the Freezing Caves, in the large room with the Gossip Stone buried next to the stairs leading back to the entrance.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Prior to version 3.28, the Blue Ring Tunic was called the Shiekah Tunic, but was renamed to avoid confusion with the Sheikah Garb. The Sheikah Garb also shared the enchantment of the Blue Ring Tunic until a later update changed its enchantment to the current form.

The Sheikah Garb and Boots are retextured Dark Brotherhood Ancient Shrouded Armor and Ancient Shrouded Boots. The armor draws inspiration from Sheik from Ocarina of Time, with elements of Impa's armor from the same game.

JKalenad considers the Sheikah Garb as his least favorite armor in the mod. His opinion is that the texture of armor's torso turned out well, but the legs did not. He also does not like how it looks on a character in terms of color and shape.

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