Secret Grottoes are unique caves added by Relics of Hyrule that cannot be found on the map like normal locations. A total of ten Secret Grottoes exist: one for each hold of Skyrim and one on Solstheim. Some locations may be dubiously considered Secret Grottoes.

Secret Grottoes can be found by searching for Fairies hovering above trapdoors in the ground. Golden Foxes can also be found nearby a Grotto.

Every Secret Grotto contains at least one Gold Skulltula.

Name Hold Location Details Notable Features
Rorikstead Secret Grotto Whiterun In eastern outskirts of Rorikstead, on a small cliff overlooking the town. Fairy Bow, Quake Medallion
Falkreath Secret Grotto Falkreath South of Pinewatch, near the road. Iron Knuckle, Hookshot, Charred Fragment, Tarnished Shard
Reach Secret Grotto The Reach South and downhill from Hag Rock Redoubt. Goddess of Steam, Orichalcum Cog, Dwemer Prototype, False Majora's Mask
Haafingar Secret Grotto Haafingar On the coast between Ravenscar Hollow and Broken Oar Grotto. Yolanda, Latimer, Alnesaan, Bow of the Sky
Hjaalmarch Secret Grotto Hjaalmarch West of Meeko's Shack Ellary, Roc's Cape
Pale Secret Grotto The Pale Lake Yorgrim, south of Bronze Water Cave Mirror Shield of the Great Sea, entrance to Ganon's Tomb
Winterhold Secret Grotto Winterhold North of the Shrine of Azura Zora Tunic, Zora Scout's Helmet, Ether Medallion
Eastmarch Secret Grotto Eastmarch East of Eldergleam Sanctuary, north of Mistwatch. Goron Tunic, Bomb Flowers, Bombos Medallion, Dinofols
Rift Secret Grotto The Rift South of Ruunvald, Southeast of Shor's Stone. Skyloft Wooden Shield, entrance to False God Passage
Solstheim Secret Grotto Eastern


Southeast of Temple of Miraak, South of Skaal Village Mirror Shield of the Tower

The following locations are dubious Secret Grottoes.

Name Hold Location Details Notable Features Reason
Vetrianaav Solstheim Northeast of Solstheim, on small island with Spriggans and giant Nirnoot. Phantom Blade, Phantoms Has unique name, rather than "Solstheim Secret Grotto," accessed via door.
Forgotten Cavern Whiterun Near Silent Moons Camp Vylintyn Mohkcshivek, Blasphemous Shield Can be discovered as a normal cave, but accessed via trapdoor.

Background and Inspiration Edit

JKalenad has plans to add a proper Solstheim Secret Grotto in a future update. He does not consider Vetrianaav, the Forgotten Cavern, or the Golden Goddess Shrines to be Secret Grottoes.

The Secret Grottoes were included to provide locations for hidden treasures and to reward exploration. Prior to the introduction of Fairies, the grottoes were very difficult to find. The grottoes also did not have map markers until version 6.44. JKalenad resisted adding markers to the grottoes, reasoning that they were meant to be secret and visited rarely. However, once the grottoes were expanded, they were made easier to find and revisit. JKalenad discovered a means of activating map markers after the player enters the grotto, allowing their whereabouts to be initially secret.

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