The Sacred Shield is a unique shield that offers the more protection than a Chitin Shield, while weighing as much as a Glass Shield.

It offers a bit of resistance to fire and shock damage, as well as reflecting damage back at enemies, which is especially effective against undead.

It can be tempered with a Petty Soul Gem, and can be upgraded into the Divine Shield at a Terminan Forge or an Ancient Enchanter.

By default, it is classed as light armor, and cannot be altered into heavy armor at an Alteration Table.

Locations Edit

The Sacred Shield can be found inside a coffin in Kinolangdanzel. Another can be found near the beginning of Lost Echo Cave. One has a chance of spawning inside the Dark Chest of Wonders in Moriwitijaal.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Sacred, Divine, and Goddess Shields were added in Relics of Hyrule version 3.4.

The shield is heavily designed after its appearance in Skyward Sword, but looking a bit grittier and aged.

The shield uses the same model as the Terminan Shield.

In version 6.4, the Goddess Shield, Divine Shield, and Sacred Shield were redesigned with darker, higher-contrast textures to better fit their age and other items in Skyrim.

See Also Edit

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Gallery Edit


The shield prior to version 6.4

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