Rupees are gems found in Relics of Hyrule loot dropped by enemies or found in chests added by the mod. They are highly valuable and have no other use than to be sold for common currency. When sold to shops, their full value will not necessarily be returned. The spell Hylia's Contract converts Rupees directly into their full gold value, and Hylia's Bargain grants the player a random number of Rupees of varying value.

There are nine varieties of Rupees, each with their own value.

Rupee Value


EditorID FormID
Green 10 GemRupeeGreen (##909F72)
Blue 50 GemRupeeBlue (##909F73)
Yellow 100 GemRupeeYellow (##909F74)
Red 200 GemRupeeRed (##909F75)
Purple 500 GemRupeePurple (##909F76)
Orange 1000 GemRupeeOrange (##909F77)
Silver 2000 GemRupeeSilver (##909F78)
Gold 3000 GemRupeeGold (##909F79)
Rupoor 100* GemRupeeRupoor (##909F7A)

*If a Rupoor is in your inventory when using Hylia's Contract, it will remove 100 gold. Therefore, the Rupoor is better sold to shops.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The inclusion of Rupees was a surprise. The inclusion of the currency in Relics of Hyrule was at first a very low priority, but when designing the effects of Majora's Mask Unbound, JKalenad realized that Rupees would have to be involved. The Rupee models used are from a Collectable Rupee Mod by NoxyGame and DOSMaster, with a customized texture.

The values of Rupees are faithful to their values within Zelda canon except that these values were increased by a factor of 10, to make Rupees more valuable in Skyrim.

Non-canon Brown Rupees and Grey Rupees were briefly considered for values of 1 and 5 gold, respectively, but they would have disrupted the niches held by the Green Rupees and Rupoors.

Prior to version 6.5.11, Rupees used a generic pickup sound. At the request of the mod's users, JKalenad changed the sound to be more glass-like. JKalenad had wanted to change the sound before 6.5.11, but could not find a suitable in-game sound to use. He also struggled to find an appropriate sound online, as he did not want the Rupees to sound exactly like Rupees in the Legend of Zelda games. Instead, JKalenad wanted the gems to sound like the would in a realistic setting. Ultimately, JKalenad made his own sound using a ceramic mug that is similar to classic Rupee sounds while still being distinct. 6.5.11 introduced three sounds for Rupees: a pickup sound that ends on a high pitch, a put-down sound that ends in a low pitch, and a neutral sound for Rupoors that does not change pitch.

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