Relic Song

Dare to venture deep below,

Where stone walls creep and no winds blow.

Deep to Kinolangdanzel, the crypt of night,

To find a blue fragment of the light.

Dare to venture deep below,

Under ground and under snow.

Deep to Arkngthamz, the shaking city,

To find the lost blade of Picori.

Dare to venture deep below,

Where metal wakes and boulders glow.

Deep to Blackreach, the Dwarves' success,

To find relics of dark regrets.

Dare to venture deep below,

To the roots where mountains grow.

Deep to Morwitijaal, the Nords' mistake,

Where the God of Mischief plots and waits.

Search far and wide,

Over hill and stream,

Delve deep into ruins, halls and barrows.

Search in shadows, catacombs and lairs,

And find the fragments of the changing tides.

Notes Edit

Relic Song makes reference to the locations of the Ocarina of Time, Picori Blade, and Majora's Mask, with allusions to the Great Fairy's Sword and Charred Fragments.

The author and origin of the book are unknown.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Relic Song was included in version 4.4 with Morwitijaal to provide in-universe lore concerning some of the items included in the mod.

The title of the book references the signature move of the Pokémon Meloetta. In the Pokémon games, Relic Song changes Meloetta's form from one based on an opera singer (The Aria Forme) to one based on a ballet dancer (The Pirouette Forme). Meloetta is one of JKalenad's favorite Pokémon.

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