The Platinum Gauntlets are a unique, mighty pair of gauntlets. When crafted, they are categorized as heavy armor and carry a powerful enchantment. An Alteration Table can be used to modify their armor type and armor rating, as well as the enchantment. The former has no requirements, while the latter requires soul gems.

By default, the gauntlets are two points stronger than Daedric gauntlets. The light armor variants are four points stronger than Dragonscale gauntlets.

The gauntlets fortify carry weight, two-handed, one-handed, archery, and unarmed damage, and will make weapons swing 30% faster. This final effect can be removed.

Crafting Edit

Terminan ForgeEdit

Required Items (Consumed) 1 Ruby 1 Quicksilver Ingot 1 Grand Soul Gem (Filled)
2 Dragon Scales 2 Ebony Ingot 3 Leather Strips
In Inventory Golden Gauntlets Silver Gauntlets
Match Conditions (Kept) Smithing lvl. 60 OR Alteration lvl. 50 ---- ----

Enchantment Modification Edit

Removal of Speed Effect Edit

Requirements Conditions
Platinum Gauntlets* Platinum Gauntlets in inventory
Lesser Soul Gem (Empty)

Restoration of Speed Effect Edit

Requirements Conditions
Platinum Gauntlets* Platinum Gauntlets in inventory
Grand Soul Gem (Filled)

*Either light armor or heavy armor versions.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Platinum Gauntlets were added to provide a very strong variant of its fellow magic gauntlets and to reward the player for finding the Silver and Golden Gauntlets. The gauntlets were originally intended as a light armor version of the Golden Gauntlets before being re-purposed as a standalone piece of armor. The design of the Platinum Gauntlets also serves as an alternative to the Silver Gauntlets. This reflects Ocarina of Time, in which the Silver and Golden Gauntlets looked virtually identical except for color.

Prior to version 6.47, the process for modifying the enchantment of the gauntlets was executed at the Ancient Enchanter. However, this conflicted with certain perk overhaul mods and was changed in version 6.47.

The gauntlets are retextured Dragonscale Gauntlets.

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