Relics of Hyrule is in a constant state of expansion and change. This page details some features planned for future updates.

Recently Completed Updates

Version 6.4 - "Remnants of Lorule"

  • Several Link to the Past and Link Between Worlds inspired items and lore concerning Hilda and other Lolians.
  • Expansion of Grief and addition of Hilda's Tomb
  • Expansion of Eastmarch and Winterhold Secret Grottos
  • Unified Texture Sets for several items
    • Hylian Glass Armor, Soldier Armor, Tunics, Ashland Tunics
    • Ruptured Towers banners
  • Optimized Textures for weapons and armor, as well as other items.
  • Redesigned Hylian Glass Armor and Zora Armor
  • Song of Time overhaul
  • Ocarina song balancing
  • Retextured Gerudo Weapons, Sacred, Divine, and Goddess Shields.
  • New Tunics, Glass Armor, and Soldier Armor
    • The orange Eldin Tunic will be partially fire and shock resistant, but weak to frost
    • The cyan Faron Tunic will be partially frost and fire resistant, but weak to shock
    • The grey Oocca Tunic will be partially frost and shock resistant, but weak to fire
    • In Elemental Destruction Magic patch mentioned below, these tunics will be radically changed.

Planned Updates

  • Version 6.5 - "Winds of a Silent Sea"
    • Several Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks inspired items, with a little Skyward Sword and Minish Cap.
    • Lore will hint that the Hero of Winds came the closest to ending the Last Great War of Hyrule.
    • Expansion of Kamdelimar, Haafingar Secret Grotto
    • Lore concerning a warrior called the Green Knight will also be included.
    • New, optional Ruptured Towers: Rage and Crisis.
      • Rage will be Earth themed, while Crisis will be wind themed.
      • The exteriors of Rage and Crisis debuted in 6.4, but will be inaccessible until 6.5.
    • Lost Sky Crater
    • Nayru's Shrine
    • 3 Minish Dungeons
    • The Goddess Sword
    • Compatibility patch for Elemental Destruction Magic by reaperix.
      • This will involve modifications to enemies and certain items to accommodate the three new elements of Earth, Wind, and Water.
        • The Eldin Tunic will be immune to Earth magic, but weak to Wind.
        • The Faron Tunic will be immune to Water magic, but weak to Shock.
        • The Oocca Tunic will be immune to Wind magic, but weak to Frost.
        • The Zora Tunic will be likely remain the same, but may reworked to be immune to Water, but will be weak to both Shock and Frost.
        • The Goron Tunic will be weak to Water.
        • The Lanayru Tunic will be weak to Earth.
        • The Woodfall Tunic will continue to be weak to all magic.
        • The Ikana Tunic will be weak to Water and Wind and will reduce health and stamina regeneration.
        • The Dark, Yeti, Kokiri, and Blue Ring tunics will remain the same.
  • Relics of Hyrule Special Edition
    • This will be a port of version 6.5 for the PC version of Skyrim Special Edition. Relics of Hyrule will not be supported on consoles.
  • Version 6.6 - "Seasons of Ages Past"
    • Will contain content based on Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons.
    • Hall of Memories, a museum space accessed via the Link Between Worlds. Ultimately, this will allow the player to display items from the mod and keep track of their collection.
  • Version 6.7 - "Sacrament of Wilderness"
    • Will contain content based on Breath of the Wild.

Unknown Future Updates

These additions may appear in the next update or an update further in the future.

They are not guaranteed to appear at all. Items with question marks (?) are the least likely.


  • Lore concerning a figure called The Green Knight, who traveled Hyrule during its final days, tending to the sick and weary.
  • Content based on Breath of the Wild and Tri Force Heroes


  • Deku Staff
  • Deku Spear
  • Gripshot?
  • Tetra's Dagger or other equipment
  • Bombchu
  • Water Rod
  • Sand Rod
    • The Ash Rod will be left intact, while the Sand Rod will serve a different function and carry a different appearance.


  • Giant's Mask
  • White Shield
  • Koholint Shield
  • Golden Fighter's Shield
  • Fire Gloves
  • Twili Shield, repurposed from the masks of Shadow Beasts.
  • Boomerangs, based on the behavior and use of real-world boomerangs.
  • Outfits from Tri Force Heroes
    • Kokiri Clothes?
    • Light Armor
    • Sword Suit
    • Sword Master Suit
    • Spin Attack Attire (under a different name, such as "Spun Attire")


  • Access to top of some Ruptured Towers for treasure


  • Recipe Pages


  • Linkle is totally canon.
  • Lore will be more sparse than in past updates to avoid redundancy and "overtelling."


  • Shadow Beasts
    • My thought is that these will be retextured trolls or Falmer that wear distinctive masks.
  • Doppel
    • Mannequins in Misery may be retconned into static Doppels, and Doppels may be able to be summoned or hired as followers.
  • Blood Fairy
  • Dodongos
  • Chus
    • These will be scary. Ideally, they will be some of the most frightening and disturbing enemies in the mod.

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