The Pegasus Boots are unique pair of boots found in Broken Tower Redoubt.

They are light armor by default and cannot be converted to heavy armor by default. They are equal in strength to Scaled Boots, but weigh more than any light armor boots from the base game.

They can be improved using Light Essence at an Ancient Enchanter. Improving the Pegasus Boots simply improves their armor rating.

Location Edit

The boots are found in the final room of Broken Tower Redoubt, next to a double bed.

Enchantment Edit

When worn, the Pegasus Boots allow the user to sprint much more quickly than usual. The user is able to sprint across the surface of water while wearing the boots, thus effecting a waterwalking enchantment reliant on stamina. While sprinting, the user's weapon skills are fortified.

Effect Magnitude
Waterwalking N/A
Fortify One-handed 20
Fortify Two-handed 20
Fortify Movement Speed 70

All effects listed are applied while sprinting.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Pegasus Boots were an often requested item for inclusion in Relics of Hyrule. JKalenad was intrigued by them and wanted to continue to pay homage to A Link to the Past, but was unsure of their function. By version 6.4, he had developed the skills and ideas necessary to implement them.

Prior to version 6.44, the Pegasus Boots allowed waterwalking at all times except when sprinting.

Prior to version 6.45, the boots had an armor rating of 12, equal to Dragonscale Boots. This was changed to make the boots tools rather than effective pieces of armor, and to make the player choose between protection and a potent enchantment.

Like the Hover Boots, the Pegasus Boots are retextured Elven Boots. In fact, the texture for the Pegasus Boots is the same as the Hover Boots, but with the colors changed.

JKalenad plans to move the improvement recipe to the Alteration Table to provide compatibility with perk overhaul mods such as SPERG and Ordinator.

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