Ordon SwordEdit

 The Ordon Sword is a one-handed sword found in Anise's Cabin, in a sack near the door. Next to the sack is a note. The Ordon Sword is as powerful as a Dwarven sword, but it weighs slightly more. It can be reforged into the Honed Ordon Sword.


Honed Ordon Sword Edit

 The Honed Ordon Sword (referred to as "Ordon Sword Honed" in-game) is a one-handed sword that is reforged from the Ordon Sword. It is as powerful as an Ebony sword, but it weighs less.


At a Terminan ForgeEdit

Required Items (Consumed): 1 Leather Strips 2 Steel Ingots 1 Dwarven Metal Ingot
Match Conditions (Kept): Smithing lvl. 40 ---- ----

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Ordon Sword model was made by Kyim for the mod Straightforward Blades - Iron Sword. The Honed Ordon Sword was originally made by mandarinn for the mod Simple Steel Sword

The Ordon Sword was included to provide players with a starting weapon from the mod, allowing for a playthrough of Skyrim using only items from the mod. However, its role was replaced by the weaker and more easily accessed Forgotten Sword.

Video Edit

Ordon Sword - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide05:15

Ordon Sword - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide

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