Thanks for the drink and food. I'll be on my way.

In return, here's a ghost story:

Hag's End.

Scary, right?

Pleasant dreams!

- G

Gallery Edit

[an image of the open note will be added here soon]

Video Edit

Note to Wilhelm does not have a dedicated entry in the Relics of Hyrule Video Guide, but was featured at the end of Episode 1 of Relics of Hyrule: The Series.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Note to Wilhelm was originally longer, telling a lengthy story about how Haemar's Shame got its name. It was changed to a short, very subtle hint about Hag's End.

The EditorID, therefore, is inaccurate, as the note does not guide the player to Haemar's Shame, nor to the Blue Ring Tunic. Instead, the player is guided to Hag's End and the Ikana Tunic.

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