Nayru's Shield is a strong, translucent shield that reflects incoming magic spells. It is equal in strength to a Dragonscale Shield, with no weight.

It is obtained through crafting, requiring Nayru's Ward, Potent Light Essence, and Nayru's Blessing at an Ancient Enchanter. It can be considered a physical manifestation of Nayru's Ward.

Crafting Edit

Ancient Enchanter Edit

Requirements Conditions
Nayru's Blessing Nayru's Ward
--- Triforce of Wisdom

Background and Inspiration Edit

Nayru's Shield was included in version 5.0 of Relics of Hyrule. It was added to the mod to give Nayru a physical item to represent her, similarly to the Tornado Rod representing Farore, and the Fire Rod representing Din.

The shield is a retextured Banded Iron Shield, and uses photographs of ice for its texture.

In version 6.3, the recipe changed to require Nayru's Blessing, Nayru's Ward and the Triforce of Wisdom, removing the requirement of Potent Light Essence, and making the shield another bonus to the Triforce of Wisdom.

See Also Edit

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