Moon Shards (sometimes referred to as Moonshards) are versatile stones found in a wide variety of locations. They are used to temper Majora's Mask, awaken the Fierce Deity's Sword, reforge the Golden Sword, temper Fierce Deity's equipment, and reforge the Fierce Deity's Armor. Moon Shards can also be used to make Moonstone or Moon's Tears, with the latter requiring the Moon Pearl.

Moon Shards can be obtained in myriad ways. Guaranteed shards can be found in Morwitijaal, Itnamzand, and Ganon's Tower with the bosses of Morwitijaal carrying one each. Gimos, Gargoyles, and Ash Spawn will occasionally drop Moon Shards when defeated. Moon Shards can be found in Dwarven or Falmer loot, or sold by vendors including Roxanne. When mining Armos, a Moon Shard may also be found.

Crafting Edit

Required Items


2 Moonstone Ingots
Match Conditions


Moon Pearl

Lore Edit

Moon Shards are implied to be fragments of the Moon of Termina, scattered when it was destroyed. This is why the shards are used with Majora's Mask and the Fierce Deity's items, and can be reforged into Moon's Tears.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Moon Shards were added to the mod in version 4.4 with Morwitijaal and the Fierce Deity's Sword. Majora's Mask had been in the mod prior to 4.4, but the mask's tempering recipe was changed to accommodate the shards. The Shards were included to enrich the lore of the mod and make the process of improving the Fierce Deity's Sword elaborate by requiring a unique item.