Max is a child found in a small camp in the Eastmarch region of Skyrim, near Fort Greenwall. He wears a Keaton Mask and random children's clothes and carries a +2 Deku Shield and a Lolian Dagger.

If spoken to, Max will offer to sell masks and helmets to the player. He may carry Keaton Masks, All-Night Masks, Couple's Masks, Burial Masks, mage hoods and iron or leather helmets.

Lore Edit

Max's origins are unknown, as is the reason he wears a Keaton Mask and why he seems to live alone in Eastmarch.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Max was added as a secret NPC in version 6.3 to pay homage to the Happy Mask Salesman and Kafei. He also serves as a counterpart to Ellary.

Prior to version 6.3, the player could find a tent near Markarth seemed to have been overtaken by a small landslide. The tent remains after 6.3, but a note was added hinting to Max's location.

Max's name is a pun on the word "mask."

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