The Mask of Truth is a mask that protects the player and allows them to speak to Gossip Stones. In terms of protection, the mask is stronger than a Scaled Helmet, but weaker than a Glass Helmet. It can be worn with helmets, circlets, or hoods, fortifying the player's armor rating.

The mask carries no standard enchantment, and can therefore be enchanted.

While wearing the Mask of Truth, the player can interact with Gossip Stones and be given a random hint or piece of lore related to Relics of Hyrule. If the mask is worn while interacting with the Light of Knowledge with a focused Lens of Truth in their inventory, locations of Tarnished Shards and Charred Fragments will be marked on the player's map.

Location Edit

The Mask of Truth is found Beneath the Well, a small dungeon connected to the Freezing Caves. The Freezing Caves can only be accessed with the Song of Time after completing Itnamzand, Morwitijaal, or Kinolangdanzel.

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According to a journal found in the Freezing Caves, the Mask of Truth was supposedly in the possession of the Dark Army during the Last Great War of Hyrule. This contradicts The Eruption of Death Mountain, which states that the Dark Army passed through the village and did not obtain the mask. Given that the journal was written by a farmer far removed from the events of the war, and the fact that the mask is found Beneath the Well of the Freezing Caves, the truth is likely closer to the events outlined in The Eruption of Death Mountain. The state of the mask's shrine in the dungeon and the presence of a Parutamu and Stals in the shrine imply that the Dark Army was about to seize the Mask of Truth just before the Triforce was shattered.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Mask of Truth was added to Relics of Hyrule in version 4.65 with its home location. Its functionality to speak with Gossip Stones was added in version 4.7

The mask was included to provide the player with hints and subtle guidance via the Gossip Stones.

The model for the Mask of Truth was originally a modified shield mesh, based on the model for the Magical Shield. It floated in front of the player's face rather than covering it normally. An improved model was adopted in version 6.5.16, donated by SurvivormanMC.

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The Mask of Truth prior to version 6.5.16

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Mask of Truth - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide