Majora's Priest is the boss of Morwitijaal and guardian of Majora's Mask, the Fire Rod and the Fierce Deity's Sword.

It is found in Morwitijaal Sanctuary and wears Majora's Mask and wields the Fire Rod as a weapon. In battle, Majora's Priest may also use shock-based Destruction magic, Stalfos Thrall, Redead Thrall, Skulltula Thrall, Seeker Drain (a spell normally exclusive to the Seekers of Apocrypha), and may summon a copy of itself by using Majora's Incarnation.

When defeated, a Moon Shard, the Moon Note, and a Piece of Soul, Heart, or Mind can be found on its corpse, in addition to Majora's Mask and the Fire Rod.

Strategy Edit

Majora's Priest is unpredictable and very mobile. It relies exclusively on magic and tends to stay far away from its attacker, firing long-range spells. It will occasionally summon an aide, even a copy of itself and will often stay behind that summoned creature.

Magic resistance, especially to shock magic, will prove very useful for the battle, so Ikana or Lanayru gear, or a Mirror Shield are suggested. Arrows and powerful long-range spells are also useful, as well as beams fired from weapons compatible with the White Ring.

As Majora's Priest follows Dragon Priest AI and uses leveled spells, any mods that change aspects of Dragon Priests will affect Majora's Priest.

Lore Edit

Majora's Priest was the leader of a sect of Draugr that worshiped Majora's Mask rather than dragons. It was under the rule of Majora's Priest that Morwitijaal was constructed to protect Majora's Mask and perform rituals. The Mask itself had very little magic power, but managed to use Majora's Priest as a puppet. Through Majora's Priest, Majora's Mask ruled over the Draugr of Morwitijaal and made them do its bidding. Majora's Mask was especially interested in the Fierce Deity's equipment, and used its minions to find the Fierce Deity's Sword. Majora's Mask was attempting to find more pieces of the Fierce Deity's equipment through the Draugr of Morwitijaal, but was entombed with the body of Majora's Priest in Morwitijaal Sanctuary.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Majora's Priest is inspired by the final boss battle with Majora's Mask, and makes reference to the battle through the floating movements of the Dragon Priest and the use of the Fire Rod.

Until Morwitijaal was added to house it, Majora's Mask was originally obtained from the Falmer Skullchild, and even earlier from a remote area in the Sea of Ghosts. Both original sources are still in the mod, but the spoils were changed.

Majora's Priest is JKalenad's second-favorite boss in the mod, closely following the Silver Centurion.

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