The Magic Hammer is a hammer that has the same strength as a Dwarven Mace, but weighs less than an Iron Sword. By default, the weapon acts as a two-handed warhammer, but can be altered at an Alteration Table to be wielded with one hand at the center of its handle or at the far end. Altering its form changes its power.

It is capable of dealing high critical hits with a base damage of 22.

Location Edit

The hammer can be found in the Sightless Pit, in a dwarven chest in the Temple of Xrib section, next to the second pair of stairs when entering the large section of the temple, alongside a pair of Hylian Solder Armor, Hylian Soldier Gauntlets, and a Hylian Soldier Helmet.

Form Changes Edit

Taking the Magic Hammer to an Alteration Table allows the player to choose whether the hammer is wielded with two hands or with one hand, and where the weapon is held with one hand.

Form Damage Speed Reach
Two-handed 13 .9 1.2
One-handed, center grip 12 0.85 1
One-handed, far-end grip 13 0.75 1.15

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Magic Hammer was included in version 6.45, and was readjusted in version 6.47 to have consistent weight and a third style of wielding. It was adjusted again in 6.48.

The Magic Hammer is a reinterpretation of warhammers included in Skyrim as well as the hammer common of the Legend of Zelda series. The Magic Hammer is modeled after sledgehammers and real-life warhammers.

The Magic Hammer was almost renamed the Forgotten Hammer in 6.47, and JKalenad had implemented the name change, but ultimately decided against it.

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