Light Essence is a special gem used to reforge the Awakened Master Sword, Four Sword, Dominion Rod, Hero's Crossbow, Noble Sword, and Hover Boots. It is also used to craft the Sacred Bow, White Circlet, Nayru's Ward, Farore's Gale, Light Arrows, and to purify the Corrupt Master Sword.

It can be found in Sovngarde or The Ruptured Towers - Grief, or in a Dark Chest of Wonders.

Light Essence can also be crafted at an Ancient Enchanter from Light Arrows, Silver Arrows, Grey Gems, or Grand Soul Gems.

Crafting Edit

From Light or Silver Arrows Edit

Required Items


2 Light Arrows 1 Grand Soul Gem (Filled)


Required Items

2 Silver Arrows --

From Grey Gems Edit

Required Items


1 Grey Gem --
Match Conditions


Command Daedra --
Alternate Conditions Sun's Song --

Alternate Conditions

Prelude of Light --

Prior to 6.42, Prelude of Light was required, with either Sun's Song or Command Daedra

From Grand Soul Gems Edit

Required Items


Grand Soul Gem (Empty) -- --
Match Conditions


Sun's Song Prelude of Light Dawnbreaker
Alternate Conditions Command Daedra -- Zelda's Bow
Alternate Conditions " " -- Auriel's Bow
Alternate Conditions " " -- True Master Sword

Note: Dawnbreaker, Zelda's Bow, Auriel's Bow, and the True Master Sword are interchangeable as catalysts.

Lore Edit

Light Essence is an example of ancient Hylian magic, and can be considered to be crystallized light, or as fragments of the Sacred Realm. Command Daedra is used because Hylian magic is ancient and forgotten to the citizens of Tamriel. The Dragonborn has to improvise and use tools at his or her disposal to reclaim Light Essence. Command Daedra happens to be capable of forcing the light of a Grey Gem to the surface. It is also capable of pulling light energy from Dawnbreaker, Zelda's Bow, Auriel's Bow, or the True Master Sword and into a soul gem. Light Essence is essentially makeshift magic.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Light Essence was introduced early in the development of Relics of Hyrule as a unique, rare ingredient for awakening and purifying the Master Sword. Its complicated recipes are intended as commentary that doing good is often more difficult but more rewarding than evil.

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