The Lens of Truth is a guidance item found in the Kakariko Fairy Fountain. The Lens can be focused at an Ancient Enchanter, provided that the player has a Tarnished Shard or Charred Fragment in their inventory. The Lens can also be used to identify the nature of a shard or fragment via the options displayed in the Ancient Enchanter.

With a focused Lens, the player can interact with the Light of Knowledge in Itnamzand, and receive information on the location of other shards or fragments. If the player is also wearing the Mask of Truth, the location may be marked on the player's map. Only locations with map markers will qualify, and Secret Grottos are excluded.

The Lens of Truth is required for the Eye of Truth spell, which reveals hidden secrets. A spell tome for the spell is found with the Lens.

Focusing Edit

At Ancient Enchanter Edit

Focus Item Marked Requirement
Red Shard of Power At least one Shard of Power
Green Shard of Courage At least one Shard of Courage
Blue Shard of Wisdom At least one Shard of Wisdom
Cyan Fragment of Willpower At least one Fragment of Willpower
Yellow Fragment of Knowledge At least one Fragment of Knowledge
Lavender Fragment of Emotion At least one Fragment of Emotion
Grey All Shards and Fragments One of each type of shard and fragment
White All Tarnished Shards One of each type of Tarnished Shard
Black All Charred Fragments One of each type of Charred Fragment
None No items Any focused Lens of Truth

Lore Edit

The Lens of Truth was modified by mages of the Hylian Royal Court to allow the user to find hidden items, rather than reveal the invisible. This was done to allow the Royal Family to recover relics of Hyrule after the war had ended. It was entrusted to the Last Great Fairy to protect from the Dark Army.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Lens of Truth was added to Relics of Hyrule in version 6.0, to help the player track down the Tarnished Shards and Charred Fragments. It was intended as an extension of the Gossip Stone system as well as the Fairies.

The model for the Lens of Truth was made by fcp078 at

In version 6.5.18, the Lens of Truth was expanded with the Eye of Truth spell after much experimentation. JKalenad's original plan was to use different foci of the Lens of Truth to find items, but ultimately settled on a much simpler approach using more direct scripting. This expansion would have included new foci for the Lens.

Scrapped Foci Edit

These foci were not implemented, but were planned for a future expansion of the use of the Lens of Truth that would have highlighted Relics of Hyrule items to ease locating them, at the expense of Magicka. Pre-existing foci were planned to have secondary uses corresponding to Fairy colors. Grey, White, and Black foci would not have highlightd shards, the Cyan focus would have highlighted ingredients, and the Lavender focus would have highlighted containers. The foci are in the programming for Relics of Hyrule, but JKalenad no longer has plans for using them in the future.

Focus Item Requirement Base Focus
Orange Armor None Red or Yellow Focus
Majora's Eye Masks Majora's Mask Unbound None
Purple Lore None Red or Blue Focus

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Lens of Truth - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide