The Key of Twilight is vital for reaching the Ruptured Towers and by extension, the Triforce Shrine.

It is crafted at the Ancient Enchanter using the Phantom Hourglass, and several Enchanted Rings. The player can craft multiple Keys of Twilight, but only one is necessary for accessing the Ruptured Towers via the Mirror of Twilight in the Shattered Lands.

Crafting Edit

At Ancient Enchanter Edit

Required Items Conditions Notes
Ebony Ingot Phantom Hourglass Level of Sand of Hours must be Low, Medium, High, or Full. An empty Hourglass is not viable.
Ring of Woodfall
Ring of Zora
Ring of Goron
Ring of Ikana
Ring of Spirits
Red Ring
White Ring

Lore Edit

According to Twilight and Apocrypha, the secret of the Key of Twilight was told by Midna to the Gossip Stones and the Phantomg Hourglass itself. She did this not only to prevent access to the Ruptured Towers, but also to prevent the escape of the monsters of Hyrule and the minions of Hermaeus Mora.

The seven rings required for the creation of the Key of Twilight represent the seven elements of the Hylian Sages. The Ring of Woodfall represents Forest, as well as the connection between Hyrule and Termina; the Ring of Goron represents Fire, the Ring of Zora represents Water, the Ring of Ikana represents Shadow, the Ring of Spirits represents Spirit, the Red Ring represents Light, and the White Ring represents Time. The elements of the Ring of Ikana and Red Ring are less clear than the others to symbolize the slow darkening of Hyrule and the bleeding of its light into darkness.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Key of Twilight is a remodeled and retextured Dwarven Control Cube. It was added with the Ruptured Towers in version 6.0. The Mirror of Twilight was present prior to version 6.0, but was inaccessible due to the absence of the Key.

Prior to version 6.3, the Key of Twilight looked identical to a control cube, albeit with missing gears.

Prior to version 6.4, the Key of Twilight was required to access Ganon's Tower, but this was streamlined after the Key's script was modified to remove a bug that conflicted with the Dwemer ruin Nchardak. The removal of this bug had the side effect of making the Key of Twilight permanently stuck in its pedestal, thus requiring the player to craft two if they wished to access Ganon's Tower.

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Gallery Edit

Key of Twilight Active

The Key of Twilight shortly after being placed in its pedestal.

Key of Twilight

The Key of Twilight prior to version 6.3