Iron Knuckle's Battleaxes are battleaxes that deal as much damage as glass battleaxes. They are only dropped by Iron Knuckles, and cannot be crafted.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The battleaxe is a modified Steel Battleaxe with a larger head and a bright gold tint. The axe uses the same textures as a steel battleaxe, so any mods that adjust those textures will also affect the Iron Knuckle's Battleaxe. The axe head is actually composed of two war-axe heads.

In version 6.47, the Iron Knuckle's Battleaxe was given a redesign. The axe-head was enlarged, and spikes were added to the top and bottom of the handle. A more consistent gold color was given to the whole axe. This redesign was implemented to make the weapon more closely resemble the axe wielded by Iron Knuckles in Ocarina of Time.

Gallery Edit


The battleaxe prior to version 6.47. This image shows the axe with no texture mods installed.