On my way to Hammerfell. Falkreath was hospitable enough. Wet and cold, naturally, though not as cold as Bruma, strangely enough. I've never understood climate, though. I imagine it's the mountains.

Night is falling, and I should take shelter. Looks like it might rain.
I found an ancient Nordic barrow hidden in the trees. I love the stillness of the wood, and I know these crypts are silent. I'll have to watch for bandits, but my talents with fire magic will make quick work of them. If nothing else I'll scare them off.

Luckily nobody is here, but someone certainly was. Bedrolls, a chest of doubtlessly stolen goods. One of those face statues fell from the wall and someone's put a pot on it. Empty, but not dry. Used recently. I'm not tired, so I might as well explore the barrow.

Eagles. Why three? These ancient Nords usually have different animals on these.

This wall does not look stable. It sounds like there is a lot of space behind it. Pockets of air in the earth.

Every so often I hear a rumble. Makes me nervous. Thunder? Or is it rock?

Is there someone else here? I hear shuffling down the hall. I'm going t

do you want to play with me?

Location Edit

Ignacia's Journal Vol. 1 is found in Morwitijaal, in a room containing two bandits and their dog. The journal is on a chest near a pile of sacks.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The book was included to enrich the story of Morwitijaal and to establish the influential powers of Majora's Mask. The journals were included before the addition of Ignacia as an NPC. They are written in a stream-of-consciousness style and were intended to read like real journals.

All of the text written in a hand other than Ignacia's (denoted using bold text above) are quotes from Majora's Mask. Specifically the NPC the player speaks to in order to initiate the game's final battle.

See Also Edit

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