The Hummingbird is a unique Glass Dagger, equal in strength to a Steel Dagger but lighter than an Iron Dagger. It is one of the Sage Weapons.

While weak, it swings faster than any other dagger.

It can be tempered with a Corundum Ingot.

Location Edit

The Hummingbird is located within a chest inside Doubt of the Ruptured Towers. It is in a room after the second submerged passage, where it is guarded by a Tektite and Parutamu.

Lore Edit

Hummingbird was wielded by Saria, the Kokiri Sage of Forest during the Last Great War of Hyrule. Its significance in the war is unknown.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Hummingbird was added to Relics of Hyrule in version 6.4 as a hidden item. Its existence was made known in version 6.5. It was also redesigned in version 6.5.

Hummingbird was added before any other Sage Weapon to test the idea of a very fast but weak dagger, and to explore the idea of the Sage Weapons.

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