The Hookshot is a unique staff that deals no damage, but is capable of pulling anyone toward the user, making it easier to kill an enemy that is down, as well as having a chance to disarm them.

By default, the Hookshot doesn't have the spearhead attached, but it can be added at an Alteration Table, or can be altered into a mace weapon.

The mace variant has the same strength as a Dwarven Mace.

Location Edit

The Hookshot can be found in the Falkreath Secret Grotto, being held by a Dark Interloper.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Hookshot was added in Relics of Hyrule version 6.3, as part of the Twilight Update.

The Hookshot was one of the most requested items to be added to Relics of Hyrule, but also the most difficult item to implement as JKalaend wanted the Hookshot to be versatile and have many uses, which is why he opted for it to be a staff, though due to the limitations of the Creation Engine the Hookshot fires slightly above the crosshair.

The alteration of it becoming a mace was for those who didn't wish to use it as it was intended, thus giving players options on its use.

The model for the Hookshot was made by fcp078. It is loosely based on the Hookshot seen in Wind Waker, with the hook being based on the Ocarina of Time version. The design also has elements of the Link to the Past design. The Hookshot was originally intended to be heavily influenced by the rod-like design from A Link to the Past, but instead the Relics of Hyrule Hookshot was made to represent the Hookshot throughout its myriad appearances.

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