Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Hilda's Staff is a unique staff that is capable of briefly turning enemies it is aimed at into ghosts, causing them to be unable to attack.

Location Edit

Hilda's Staff sits in the remains of Lorule, which is entered through Hilda's Tomb, which is in turn entered through Grief of the Ruptured Towers. It rests in the center of the small floating land mass in burned rubble, next to Hilda's Coffin, which contains Hilda's Dress, Hilda's Boots, and Hilda's Ring, a copy of Hilda's Proposition, and Hilda's Key.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Hilda's Staff was added as part of the Lorule Update of Relics of Hyrule, version 6.4.

The model for Hilda's Staff was made by fcp078.

JKalenad intended on including Hilda's Staff since the conception of a Lorule-based update. The entirety of Hilda's Tomb was essentially built to house the staff. However, JKalenad struggled to develop a function for the staff that would fit Skyrim. He ultimately settled on an effect similar to the Aetherial Shield.

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