Hero's CrossbowEdit

 The Hero's Crossbow is a crossbow located in the Morwitijaal Catacombs, near a tree and a Skyloft Iron Shield or in Sunderstone Gorge (Dawnguard version). It deals slightly less damage than a Dwarven Crossbow, but more than a regular crossbow. The Hero's Crossbow also ignores 25% of armor and deals extra damage to undead. It can be tempered or upgraded to the Hero's Enhanced Crossbow.

Hero's Enhanced CrossbowEdit

 The Hero's Enhanced Crossbow is an enchanted version of the Hero's Crossbow. It can only be crafted at a Terminan Forge. The Hero's Bow is slightly more powerful than a Dwarven crossbow. It also deals extra damage to undead, ignores 25% of armor, and has a chance of paralysis. It can be tempered at a grindstone.


Required Items (Consumed): 1 Hero's Crossbow 1 Light Essence 1 Farore's Blessing
Match Conditions (Kept): ---- ---- ----