The Hero's Clothes offer slightly more protection than Scaled Armor. They are classified as Light Armor and cannot be converted to Heavy Armor.

Equipping the Ring of Kokiri while wearing the Hero's gear will fortify Archery skills by allowing bows deal 20% more damage, fortify the Light Armor skill by 20 points, fortify One-Handed skills by allowing one-handed attacks deal 20% more damage, and fortify Block skills by blocking 30% more damage when using a shield.

The Hero's Clothes can be taken to a Tanning Rack and change the white cloth on the tunic to green, requiring two samples of Giant Lichen. The Hero's Clothes can also be changed to the Ashland Hero's Clothes at a Terminan Forge. Both changes are purely aesthetic and irreversible. A guaranteed Ashland Hero's Clothes can also be found Beneath the Well.

Location Edit

The Hero's Clothes can be found in Bleak Falls Barrow, at the end of the dungeon to the right of the Word Wall, inside a Hero's Chest. Inside contains the tunic, a Hero's Cap, a pair of Hero's Gauntlets, a pair of Hero's Boots, and 5 Dragon's Tongue.

The Ashland Hero's Clothes are found Beneath the Well, in a chest near a large coffin housing a Parutamu. The chest contains the tunic, the Hero's Gauntlets, Hero's Boots, and a Kokiri Circlet.

Crafting Edit

Terminan Forge Edit

Changes Hero's Clothes to Ashland Hero's Clothes

Required Items

Hero's Clothes Hero's Clothes in inventory
Moonstone Ingot
2 Netch Leather

Tanning Rack Edit

Required Item Result
2 Giant Lichen White cloth dyed green

See Also Edit

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