The Hero's Armor is a set of heavy armor that offers the same protection and weight as the Blades Armor.

Unlike other Hylian Soldier Armor, this armor cannot be crafted and is not enchanted.

It shares the same characteristics as the other Soldier Armor, but is green colored, and has no markings on the back.

It can be tempered using a Steel Ingot.

Location Edit

The Hero's Armor can be found inside the War Quarters in Blackreach. It is inside a Heavy Chest containing the armor, as well as the a pair of Hylian Soldier Gauntlets and Hylian Soldier Boots, a Hylian Soldier's Helmet, a copy of A Chronicle of War Volume I and a leveled two-handed weapon or shield.

Lore Edit

According to A Chronicle of War Volume I, the Hero's Armor was made with the expectation that the Hero would arrive to rescue Hyrule. Because of the kingdom's reverence for the Hero, no other armor was permitted to be green in color.

The armor was lost after the Last Great War of Hyrule and was later found and stored by the Dwemer in Blackreach.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Hero's Armor was originally part of a standalone mod. It was integrated into Relics of Hyrule with the first build of the mod.

The Hero's Armor is retextured Blades Armor.

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