Haafingar Secret Grotto is a small Secret Grotto accessed by a trapdoor located northeast of Ravenscar Hallow. It consists of a tall room in which pools a fountain of blood. It houses Yolanda, Latimer, and Alnesaan. It also contains a bottle of Great Fairy's Tears and a red Fairy in a Jar.

The corpses of several Hylian and Gerudo Vampires can be found within, as well as Gimos corpses.

A second area, the Malicious Hollow, is a deep cavern inhabited by Hylian and Gerudo Vampires. A Bow of the Sky can be found in the Malicious Hollow.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Haafingar Secret Grotto was implemented in version 5.2 of Relics of Hyrule. Originally, the corpses were living vampires and Gimos and the player discovered the grotto with Yolanda, Latimer, and Alnessan in the midst of battle. In later updates, the battle was stopped to prevent errors in the friendly vampires' alignments.

In version 6.49, the grotto was expanded to include the Malicious Hollow, which itself was originally planned for the redesign of Kinolangdanzel. The expansion was refined in version 6.5, and 6.5.12. JKalenad plans to expand the grotto further in version 6.7.

The Haafingar Secret Grotto was designed to look virtually identical to the Kakariko Fairy Fountain and vice versa. The implication behind this design is that the secret grotto is a corrupted Fairy Fountain.



Hylian Vampires and the Haafingar Secret Grotto - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide-0

Hylian Vampires and the Haafingar Secret Grotto - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide-0

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