The Great Fairy's Tears are contained within a rare potion. They can be obtained from a Spider House Table for 70 Gold Skulltula Tokens, with guaranteed samples found in Kinolangdanzel, Kakariko Fairy Fountain, Haafingar Secret Grotto, The Ruptured Towers - Grief, and the Triforce Shrine.

They are required for crafting the Golden Sword, Red Shield, and for reforging the Great Fairy's Sword.

Locations Edit

Location Number Notes
Kinolangdanzel 3 In a coffin in the Redead Crypt;

On a rock above the entrance to the room with an Orichalcum vein just before facing the Wolfos;

Near an underwater Falmer pod.

Haafingar Secret Grotto 1 On the Molag Bal altar in the center of the room.
Kakariko Fairy Fountain 1 In chest with Lens of Truth.
Ruptured Towers - Grief 1 In large hub room, on crystal centerpiece.
Triforce Shrine 1 In container with Zelda's Ring.

Effects Edit

Effect Magnitude Duration Notes
Restore Health 9999 0 sec Instantly restores all Health
Restore Magicka 9999 0 sec Instantly restores all Magicka
Restore Stamina 9999 0 sec Instantly restores all Stamina
Resist Magic 35% 30 sec Incoming magic damage will be lowered by 35%
Increased melée


35% 30 sec Attacks with melée weapons will deal more damage

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Great Fairy's Tears were included in the standalone Skulltula mod before being integrated into Relics of Hyrule. They are based on the item of the same name from Twilight Princess. They were included to provide a a reward for collecting 70 Gold Skulltula Tokens and to reference the means through which they were obtained in their original game.

JKalenad has plans to give the Great Fairy's Tears a unique bottle.

See Also Edit

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